Home Fashion Topshop releases a way cheaper version of Balenciaga’s £595 trainers

Topshop releases a way cheaper version of Balenciaga’s £595 trainers


Topshop releases a way cheaper version of Balenciaga's £595 trainers
(Picture: Topshop)

Balenciaga has managed to make the world’s ugliest trainers into a status symbol.

What they started, Yeeze and Louis Vuitton have copied.

Unless you’ve got a pair of platformed dad pumps on, you’re no one.

And unless you’ve got a spare £600 lying around, chances are you’ll remain a no one for some time to come.

Or at least that was the case until Topshop decided to democratise ugly trainers, once and for all.

The high street giant has just launched their own version of the designer trainers – and for a smidgen of Balenciaga’s price.

Street Style - Berlin Fashion Week January 2018
(Picture: Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

The chunky pair, named the Ciara Chunky Trainers, are being sold for just £38.

Of course, opinion is still divided as to whether they’re a fashion must-have or the most hideous thing to come out of the sportswear trend to date.

It's so funny how every high fashion company is trying to copy those Balenciaga speed trainers now.

— Alex Cole™ (@AlexCole_80) March 14, 2018

People will literally wear anything that’s ‘designer’ them Balenciaga trainers are UGLY AF

— Emi (@Emi123ABC) March 16, 2018

But despite the hate, you know that these bad boys are probably going to sell out ASAP and that every Tom, Dick and Harry will be trying to get a pair before long.

So act quickly.

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