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Pope issues new rules on reporting sexual abuse

The new rules require all Catholic dioceses around the world to have a "public and accessible" syste..

At least 41 people killed after Russian plane crash lands

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Socialist party wins in Spain despite far-right surge

The far-right Vox party — which takes a hardline on immigration and gender rights — won 24 out of a ..

Putin offers Russian citizenship to Ukrainians in separatist-held areas

"Individuals permanently residing in certain areas of Ukraine's Donetsk and Lugansk regions hav..

Austrian politician draws fury with ‘deeply racist’ poem

Christian Schilcher, a member of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (FPÖ) that forms half of the cou..

He played Ukraine’s president on TV. Now it’s a reality

Ukrainians threw their overwhelming support behind comedian, actor and businessman Volodymyr Zelensk..

At least 28 people killed in Portugal tourist bus crash

Most of the casualties were German, Carmo Silva, a press officer for the Regional Health Department ..

Fire engulfs Notre Dame cathedral

Two men hug near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris early Tuesday morning, after a huge fire that devasta..

How seven years in embassy ‘prison’ changed Assange

I met Julian in 2009 before WikiLeaks became a household name. I'd heard that he had access to ..

Ryanair apologizes for denying refugee boarding

Iyad El-Baghdadi is an Arab Spring activist who was raised in the UAE and obtained political asylum ..