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Mainland Europe’s oldest metro network

(CNN) — Just one meter below Budapest's UNESCO-protected Andrássy Avenue, yellow train carriage..

France’s ‘Gilets jaunes’ turn out for fifth weekend of protests

Some 69,000 police officers have been deployed across the country in anticipation of the protests, i..

Danube escape: Budapest’s Margaret Island

(CNN) — Floating regally in the middle of the Danube separating Buda from Pest, Margaret Island, or ..

Macron relents amid violent protests in France

In a televised address to the nation, Macron said the violent protests — which have morphed from a g..

Europe’s most magical winter city

(CNN) — Budapest is fast becoming one of Europe's leading travel destinations, especially in wi..

7 buildings shaping Budapest’s future

Written by Kasia Kovacs, CNN The architecture of Budapest is rich testament to the city's hist..

Pressure grows on France’s Macron over ‘gilets jaunes’

Macron, who will also meet political leaders and local officials, wants to "hear their voices, their..

France ‘gilets jaunes’ protesters detained and tear-gassed

Officers fired rubber bullets and hundreds of canisters of tear gas at the demonstrators, some of wh..

France to suspend fuel price hike amid violent protests

According to CNN affiliate BFMTV, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe will announce a moratorium Tuesday..

Hungary accused of distorting Holocaust history

Budapest, Hungary — You can spot the museum from a mile off — its giant metal Star of David spectacu..