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UK PM: Brexit deal ‘immensely difficult’

Addressing leaders of London's financial district, where anxiety is mounting about the economic..

White House: Trump discussed key issues with Putin, Macron and Merkel

"Today at lunch, the President sat with President Macron, Chancellor Merkel, and President Putin, an..

A century after guns fell silent, leaders gather to remember those who lost their...

Members of the public, military veterans, world leaders and royals took part in memorials around the..

Why Poland’s independence day is marred

The occasion should be one for celebration in Poland. But controversy and confusion over a planned f..’s augmented reality revolution

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Six arrested in France over suspected far-right plot to attack Macron

France's intelligence agency, the DGSI, said the six people were arrested in three separate reg..

Grenfell Tower burning effigy backlash: Five arrested

London's Metropolitan Police said the men, who are between the ages of 19 and 55, had been deta..

Bayern Munich accused of racism over Halloween party photo

In the photo, one player appears to be wearing traditional Arab attire and is holding a box that loo..

France launches investigation after babies born with missing or malformed limbs

In October, the country's health agency, Santé Publique France, presented seven cases in three ..

Meet the world’s most life-like robot

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