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Record temperatures could hit Spain, Portugal amid heat wave

The UK Met Office said parts of the Iberian peninsula could beat the all-time continental European r..

How anti-Semitism crept into Europe’s political mainstream

The extraordinary thing about that sentence is that in the context of modern British and European po..

Abuse of vulnerable women and girls by international aid workers is ‘endemic,’ UK government...

The inquiry heard "horrifying" stories of aid staff sexually exploiting the very people they were me..

Video shows moment harasser slaps woman on streets of Paris

The man is seen walking by a streetside cafe when he picks up an ashtray from a table and throws it ..

French skier’s remains identified with help of social media

In 2005, police in Italy's Aosta region found human remains and ski equipment 3,000 meters (10,..

Julian Assange looks for deal to end ‘diplomatic isolation’

The question is: what will happen to Assange as and when he does walk out of his bolt-hole around th..

Trump and EU boss Juncker try to calm fears of trade war

It was essentially a deal to make a deal, announced in celebratory fashion during an previously unan..

Trade wars, populism, racism: The liberal international order could be in danger

Trump reprised his role as a cheerleader for Brexit and complained that everyone was taking advantag..

But it was actually Novichok — a Soviet-era nerve agent

But the 44-year-old British woman was actually applying a Soviet-era nerve agent that had previously..

Nothing will come out of meeting because Trump doesn’t follow through on anything, diplomat...

"There isn't a lot of clean-up because there doesn't seem to be a lot of spillage," one se..