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The next stage of the body positivity moment is seeing mid-sized women with real...

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Mum makes Crazy Rich Asians-inspired dress for five-year-old to embrace her heritage

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If youre tired of Zara clothing, this Vietnamese online store could be your new...

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I was told to lose weight by a modelling agency at size 8 –...

Left was when Rosalie was told to lose more weight, right is Rosalie at a more healthy weight (Pictu..

If you ever wanted to look like a sleeping bag, Monclers new fashion line...

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How to wear the leopard print trend on a budget

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Boohoo accused of Photoshopping the waist of a size 10 model

(Picture: Boohoo) On Facebook, Ella Sophie Thorpe shared two images from Boohoos mobile app, showin..

The next big trend is wearing your jacket as a top

(Picture: The jacket at a top trend certainly isnt new, and was arguably started by absol..

Vogue will no longer hire models under 18

Kaia Gerber is 16 years old. Under new rules, she will not work for Vogue. (Picture: Jacopo Raule/Ge..

Ziploc bags have upgraded from sandwich holders to fashion accessories

(Picture: Ziploc/Beams Couture) Do you ever feel like a sandwich bag, drifting through the wind, wa..