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Streetwear and ugly dad trainers are already becoming less fashionable

opinion The rise of ugly dad trainers is finally set to end (Picure: Marco Verch/CC) Fashion in th..

Men dont want to be seen in the same outfit twice

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The V&A is launching its own lingerie collection with Coco de Mer

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PrettyLittleThings £5 denim thong shorts dont seem particularly comfortable

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Danish designer puts on fashion show protesting burka ban

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Gaps back to school ad praised for showing a child model with a headscarf

(Picture: Twitter/GAP kids) We love a good diverse advertising campaign. Its only right that the im..

People are deeply confused by this shimmering bikini dress

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New Looks most popular dress made a return – and sold out again in...

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Super cheap but cute last minute bikini buys for your summer holidays

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Burberry has rebranded and the new monogram is pretty epic

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