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Wedding guest worries shell upstage the bride with her dress but everyone tells her...

(Picture: ChiChi, Getty) The holy rule of a wedding is that you dont upstage the bride, mostly by no..

Halima Aden returns to Kenya where she was a refugee to do a burkini...

(Picture: Yu Tsai/SI Swimsuit) Somali-American model Halima Aden, who was born into a Kenyan refugee..

Crocs unleash even more horror on the world with their bumbag shoes

(Picture: BEAMS) Theyre the shoe of choice for many a chef and nurse, but tend to get a lot of hate ..

Little girl who dreams of being an astronaut writes letter begging shop to make...

(Picture: Suzi Fogels/Caters News) Lily Fogels has always wanted to be an astronaut. Shes been in l..

PrettyLittleThings anti-chafing bands are back and theyre only £6

(Picture: Prettylittlething) Theres nothing worse than when the temperatures soar but your clothes w..

ASOS slammed after being caught out using clips on models dress

(Picture: ASOS) ASOS has been slammed online after one of its shoppers came across an image of a mod..

Woman says neon PrettyLittleThing dress left her looking like a lollipop lady

(Picture: Morgan Kane/Twitter) Lollipop ladies probably arent who you think of when it comes to fash..

Uniqlo has a new Marvel range perfect to wear to the Endgame premiere

(Picture: Uniqlo) Rejoice, Avengers Endgame is finally here. If youve managed to avoid the spoilers..

Dreams are broken as Primark confirms there are no plans for an online store

(Picture: Adam Hughes / SWNS) Primark is known for two things: offering bargain buys and being incre..

Wedding dress slammed for looking like a used tampon

(Picture: Facebook/ People can be intensely critical when it comes to wedding dresses..