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This man is taking Brexit far too literally

We now go live to Brexit — Kristian Carter (@thatkriscarter) December 20..

12 dead including one child in ‘worst fire New York City has seen’

The inferno ripped through an apartment block in the Bronx (Picture: AP) Twelve people including one..

Chinese rubbish ban ‘could see end of kerbside recycling’ in Australia

Australia's recycling industry is feeling the impact of China's ban on a range of imported..

PHOTOS: Islamic State Beats Syrian Man for Selling Cigarettes

TEL AVIV — Despite its progressively weakening position in Syria and near-complete removal from Iraq..

Iran’s President warns US would ‘regret’ pulling out of nuclear deal

Iran's President has warned US President Donald Trump that America would "regret" any decision ..

How Cassini’s haunting Grand Finale unlocked Saturn’s secrets (VIDEOS)

On September 15, 2017 the NASA and ESA Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn ended when the probe was in..

Fossilised human finger bone found in Saudi Arabia dates back 85,000 years

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Tornadoes destroy homes in Tennessee, Kentucky as wild storms hit US

At least five people have been killed as severe thunderstorms swept through the central US, spawning..

Teenager ‘fatally guns down his family on New Year’s Eve’

Emergency services arrived at around 11.45pm on New Year’s Eve (Picture: Lakewood Scoop) A 16-year-o..

Avengers: Infinity War goes ballistic at the box-office in record-breaking opening weekend

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