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What countries gain from assassination attempts that hit the international spotlight

In the age of blanket CCTV and an ever-present news media, the once-hidden world of political assass..

Argentine submarine missing for one year found deep in Atlantic

Argentina's navy says searchers deep in the Atlantic have found the missing submarine ARA San J..

Swimmer dies after suffering stingray ‘puncture wound to his abdomen’

A 42-year-old man who was swimming at a Hobart beach when he was stung by a stingray has died, despi..

I went vegan for a month. Here’s what I learnt

Vegan day one of 31. It's 6:30am and I've just brewed my first ever almond-milk coffee. ..

‘I look like a young, healthy individual — it’s the total opposite’

Fed up with judgemental looks, comments and confrontations, a young South Australian woman living wi..

Trump says he’s finished his answers for Mueller but hasn’t submitted them yet

US President Donald Trump says he "very easily" completed his written answers for special counsel Ro..

CIA finds Saudi Crown Prince ordered journalist’s assasination: US media

The CIA believes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khas..

‘All of you get out’: China boots media out of Pacific leaders meeting in...

Media who were invited to cover Chinese President Xi Jinping's meeting with Pacific leaders hav..

New weapon will protect North Korea like a ‘steel wall’, Kim Jong-un says

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has visited the test site of a new tactical weapon in his first publ..

Bourke St killer Hassan Shire Ali was on bail for driving offences

Bourke Street attacker Hassan Shire Ali had his bail extended only weeks before the deadly rampage, ..