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Argentina raises rates as peso plummets

Argentina's central bank has raised interest rates to 60% as the value of the peso continues to..

Honduras migrants: Thousands to lose US protected status

The Trump administration has announced the end of temporary protections for thousands of Honduran im..

Argentine submarine: Government ‘lacks means’ to raise lost vessel

Argentina's defence minister has said it "does not have the means" to raise a missing submarine..

Deep division in Brazil’s north-east

A massive lorry blasts out music from a sound system and cheers on a crowd of people dressed in yell..

Mexico earthquake leads to discovery of ancient temple

Archaeologists scanning a Mexican pyramid for damage following September's devastating earthqua..

US offers $2.5m in aid to Venezuelans in Colombia

The US has announced it will provide $2.5m (1.8m) in aid to Venezuelans who have fled the economic c..

US seeks extension over migrant family reunifications

Media playback is unsupported on your device The US government has asked for more time to reunite m..

Ronaldo: Brazilian World Cup winner in hospital with pneumonia

Brazil World Cup winner Ronaldo is in intensive care in Ibiza suffering from pneumonia. The 41-year..

Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega’s brother calls on him to end violence

Humberto Ortega, the ex-head of Nicaragua's military, has called on his brother President Danie..

Nafta: Clock is ticking for Canada in US trade negotiations

The clock is ticking for Canada to come to a trade agreement with the US after Donald Trump gave an ..