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Ecuador tightens entry rules for Venezuelan migrants

Ecuador has brought in new rules to stop Venezuelan migrants entering the country without a passport..

Mexico students develop electric shock self-defence coat

Four students in Mexico have developed a jacket they say could protect those wearing it from attacks..

Lula registered as Brazil presidency candidate

Brazil's Workers' Party (PT) has formally registered jailed former President Luis Inácio L..

Dr Bumbum, Brazil cosmetic surgeon, charged with murder

A celebrity Brazilian cosmetic surgeon known as Dr Bumbum has been charged with murdering one of his..

New Paraguayan President Abdo Benítez sworn in

Right-wing former Senator Mario Abdo Benítez has been sworn in as the new president of Paraguay afte..

Mexico violence: Newly elected Congresswoman kidnapped

A newly elected Mexican Congresswoman, Norma Azucena Rodríguez Zamora, has been kidnapped at gunpoin..

Mar-Tech Roundup: Investor Beringea Pours US $5.5M Into Social Media Content Creator Popular Pays

We are introducing a bi-weekly summary of the most exciting recent news in marketing technology and ..

Ecuador accident: Second deadly crash within three days

At least 24 people have been killed in a bus accident east of the Ecuadorean capital, Quito. The bu..

Chile minister resigns over Human Rights Museum row

Chile's culture minister, Mauricio Rojas, has resigned after criticism over comments he made in..

Ecuador bus crash: 12 Barcelona SC fans killed

At least 12 fans of Ecuadorean football team Barcelona SC have been killed and 30 injured when the b..