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Worldwide Cult Gets Its Own TV Network

The Church of Scientology, a cult Hollywood celebrities frequent and former members criticize for al..

California Coffee Shop Doubles Down On Refusing Service To Cops

A California coffee shop doubled down on its refusal to serve police officers, claiming cops threate..

Lightning Strikes Church In Rwanda, Kills 16 and Injures 140

World Lightning Strikes A Church (Shutterstock/ Viktor Wink) |Lightning Kills 16 In Rwandan Church..

Doug Ford’s Rival Won’t Concede Defeat After Party Election

The runner-up in the Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) leadership race is refusing to concede de..

Daily Mail Confuses Trudeau With Pic Of Man In Drag

A New York writer went on the record correcting a Daily Mail story that purported to show a picture ..

Gerber Baby Inspires Down Syndrome Abortion Bans Across The U.S.

Gerber Baby company chose a Down syndrome child for the new face of its 2018 campaign in early Febru..

Doug Ford Wins Ontario Conservative Leadership After Challenge Overruled

11:01 PM 03/10/2018 Pinterest Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Share TOP Doug Ford has official..

Trump Suggests He Wants The Death Penalty For Drug Dealers [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump hinted at a rally in Pittsburgh that he would be open to giving drug dealers ..

Trump Orders Congress To ‘Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities’ To Protect Americans [VIDEO]

US 8:44 PM 03/10/2018 Pinterest Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Share TOP President Donald Tr..

Trump Says America Would Be Bored If He Acted Presidential [VIDEO]

US U.S. President Donald Trump points at supporters after speaking in support of Republican congre..