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Worldwide outrage at Trump’s immigration slur


Donald Trump has tried to quell a storm over his reported criticism of immigration from "shithole countries" – a slur slammed as racist around the world.

The US President has denied using the derogatory term to describe Haiti, El Salvador and African nations during a meeting.

But a Democrat present at the gathering over immigration reform said it was the "exact word used by the President, not just once but repeatedly".

Senator Dick Durbin claimed the president said "things which were hate-filled, vile and racist".

Mr Trump's alleged comment has caused a backlash among people in Haiti, El Salvador and across Africa.

Image:Botswana has demanded to know if it is covered by Mr Trump's 'shithole' comment

And the Botswana government has summoned the US ambassador to Botswana to "express its displeasure".

It has asked the ambassador "to clarify if Botswana is regarded as a 'shithole' country given that there are Botswana nationals residing in the US, and also that some of Batswana may wish to visit the US".

The Botswana Government has also enquired from the US Government through the Ambassador, to clarify if Botswana is regarded as a “shithole” country given that there are Botswana nationals residing in the US, and also that some of Batswana may wish to visit the US.

— Botswana Government (@BWGovernment) January 12, 2018

In a press release the ministry of international affairs questioned why Mr Trump would use such a derogatory word when talking about countries which "the US has had cordial and mutually beneficial bilateral relations for so many years".

The ministry also pointed out a US Congressional delegation is due to visit the country at the end of January.

During a meeting on Thursday with legislators about a proposed bipartisan deal on immigration, Mr Trump reportedly said: "Why do we want all these people from Africa here? They're shithole countries… We should have more people from Norway."

Haiti's government summoned charge d'affairs Robin Diallo, the top US diplomat in the country, to respond.

SHAME ON TRUMP! The world is witnessing a new low today with this #ShitholeNations remark! totally unacceptable! uncalled for moreover it shows a lack a respect and IGNORANCE never seen before in the recent history of the US by any President! Enough is enough!!

— Laurent Lamothe (@LaurentLamothe) January 12, 2018

Former Haitian prime minister, Laurent Lamothe, tweeted that the world witnessed "a new low" with the remark which was "totally unacceptable".

El Salvador president Salvador Sanchez Ceren also criticised Mr Trump, saying he "protests and energetically reject those types of statements".

Haitians and Africans have been tweeting pictures of their "shithole countries".

Norwegians have also been tweeting about why they will not be moving to the United States.

South African poet Iain S Thomas tweeted a photo of a blue sky and turquoise sea.

He said: "Here's a picture I snapped while I was cycling home to my #shithole."

Harold Isaac, in Haiti, posted pictures of clear blue seas and palm trees, as well as lush green mountains.

He said: "Hey #ShitHolePresident! Here is what my #shithole looks like."

South African Broadcasting Corporation news anchor Leanne Manas tweeted: "Good morning from the greatest most beautiful "shithole country" in the world!!!"

The African Union, which represents all 55 African nations, said it was "frankly alarmed".

"Many African arrived in the US as slaves," spokesman Ebba Kalondo said.

"This statement flies in the face of all accepted behaviour and practice.

I'm Babila. I'm from Cameroon (one of the 54 shithole nations in Africa). I went to school in said shithole nation and then furthered my studies in another shithole nation (South Africa). Came here with my shithole education and passed the NY bar on the 1st try. #MissMeWithThatBS

— Babila Terence (@ngwajr) January 12, 2018

"This is particularly surprising as the United States of America remains a global example of how migration gave birth to a nation built on strong values of diversity and opportunity."

Norwegians made it clear they would not be moving to the US, as reportedly suggested.

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Tuti tweeted: "I live in Norway and would never move to USA. We have health care, free higher education, 5 weeks vacation, 8 hours work a day. No thanks Trump."

My family came from Norway, and I can tell you that we Norwegians think Trump is a racist "shithole."

— Thor Benson (@thor_benson) January 11, 2018

Christian Christensen, professor of journalism in Stockholm, tweeted: "Of course people from Norway would love to move to a country where people are far more likely to be shot, live in poverty, get no healthcare because they're poor, get no paid parental leave or subsidised daycare and see fewer women in political power. #shithole."

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