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Nike obsessive makes her own custom tick pieces and we kinda want them all


Nike obsessive makes her own custom swoosh pieces and we kinda want them all
(Picture: @miniswoosh/Instagram)

Sneakerheads will do anything to feed their obsession.

They’ll bid on special editions for ludicrous sums (£30,000 pair of Pharrell Chanel x Adidas kicks, anyone?). They’ll travel around the world to fill the gaps in their collections. They’ll turn entire rooms into shoe storage units.

But few turn their love into a full-blown fashion collection.

Meet die-hard Nike-head and designer Alex Hackett, who has done just that.

She’s been repurposing old Nike gear into original pieces – all featuring the classic swoosh tick.

Her brand, @miniswoosh, pays homage to the sports brand’s iconic branding – from ‘Just Do It’ jeans to Nike jewellery and swoosh dungarees.

This isn’t Alex’s first foray into fashion.

She’s already got her own label, ALCH, which explores the art of deconstruction. But it’s via @miniswoosh that she’s able to share her obsession with Nike.

Alex tells Dazed that she’s ‘(clearly) a huge fan of Nike, so @miniswoosh kind of acts as a sort of portfolio of imagery and content that reflects my passion for the brand’.

The only rule she has is that each bit of clothing must have a Swoosh or some reference to Nike.

Every bit of @miniswoosh content is 100% original, crafted by Alex’s own hands.

So no, you can’t buy it online, but you can indulge in a little sportswear porn.

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