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GoFundMe Campaign For Farmer Under Attack From Leftist Advocacy Group


11:28 AM 02/19/2018







A leftist advocacy group is demanding the end of a GoFundMe campaign for a Saskatchewan farmer found not guilty of second degree murder.

The Canadian Press reported Monday that SumOfUs has started an online petition that demands the fundraising site remove a page that is raising money for Gerald Stanley, whom a jury found not guilty in the death of Cree Native Colten Boushie. The verdict sparked international attention and criticism from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the Canadian justice system failed Aboriginals.

SumOfUs, whose website describes the group as “committed to curbing the growing power of corporations,” describes Canada as a country “plagued with a deep and brutal racist, colonial history.”

The organization says fundraising for Stanley is a contravention of GoFundMe’s mandate that denies raising money for causes that promote hate, violence, racial intolerance or financial exploitation of a crime.

The GoFundMe campaign for Stanley has already raised $200,000 since Feb. 9, while another GoFundMe campaign for Colten Boushie’s family raised only $30,000 over six months.

In its petition, SumOfUs states, “Last Friday, an all-white jury found Gerald Stanley, a white man, not guilty of murder in the point-blank shooting of Colten Boushie, a 22 year old Indigenous man. In a country plagued with a deep and brutal racist, colonial history, this story is horrifying — and is a sober reminder that this history is still very much alive today….The courts have failed the Boushie family, and now, GofundMe is profiting off of their pain.”

SumOfUs further demands that all donations be returned.

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