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D&G replaces models with drones in their MFW show because everyone’s redundant now


D&G replaces models with drones in their MFW show because everyone's redundant now
(Picture: Estrop/Getty)

Fashion comes and fashion goes but one thing has always remained the same: the models.

Models are important.

They’re supposed to represent the kinds of people (albeit infinitely taller and slimmer) that the designer sees their clobber looking best on. They’re really what most of us take inspiration from – not the clothes. We want to look as chic as Kate. As cool as Gigi. As effortless as Naomi.

But that’s all over now because humans are redundant, even if you do look like an angel.

Dolce & Gabbana decided to turn Milan Fashion Week into an episode of Black Mirror by replacing their models with drones.

Yep, instead of hiring a load of malnourished girls and supermodels to show of its A/W18 collection, D&G brought in a load of fashion drones to carry their bags down the runway.

Drones carry bags, the creations from the Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2018 women's collection during Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy February 25, 2018. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo
(Picture: Alessandro Garofalo/Reuters)
epaselect epa06564477 Handbags are presented by drones during the show of Italian fashion label Dolce and Gabbana at the Milan Fashion Week, in Milan, Italy, 25 February 2018. The Fall-Winter 2018/2019 Women's collections are presented at the Milano Moda Donna from 20 to 26 February. EPA/MATTEO BAZZI
(Picture: Matteo Bazzi/EPA)

Audience members were apparently asked to turn the Wi-Fi off their phones before the show began so as not to interfere with the drone show.

And you can imagine how that probably went down with all the fashion bloggers reduced to empty-thumbing the ghost of Instagram on their phones.

After all, if you didn’t make a story of the show, did you even go to fashion week?

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Not that it really matters because the point is, technology is replacing us all.

And if some of the world’s most beautiful people aren’t safe, no one is.

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