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Adidas sells 1 million trainers made out of ocean plastic in 2017


Adidas sells 1 million trainers made out of ocean plastic in 2017
(Picture: Adidas)

Our oceans are positively choking with plastic pollution.

In the Mediterranean alone, we’re experiencing a ‘plastic smog’, with experts predicting that by 2050, there’ll be more plastic than fish in the sea.

But some of this trash can actually be reused – and many of us want to see it being recycled.

Just look at Adidas; last year the sportswear giant launched a range of trainers made from ocean plastic, and they’ve already sold over a million pairs.

Adidas CEO Kasper Rosted told CNBC that in 2017 alone, the company sold ‘1 million shoes made out of ocean plastic’.

Adidas teamed up with environmental initiative Parley for the Oceans to create the trainers.

Each pair is made from 11 reused plastic bottles, with the laces, heel linings and sock liner covers all made from other recycled materials.

Last April, Mathias Amm, Product Category Director of Adidas Running said: ‘As a global brand we have a responsibility to help change the world for the better. These designs reflect our support for a great cause, while delivering the exceptional performance we are renowned for – a powerful combination, which we hope will excite and inspire our global community as much as it does us.’

Adidas’ aim was to create one million pairs of the shoes – so the fact that they’ve actually sold the same number is incredible.

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Whether that’s entirely because of their green credentials or because UltraBoosts are genuinely excellent shoes (I have a pair, can confirm) who knows.

But it just shows what can be done with the right expertise and a little creative thinking.

Let’s hope other brands are paying attention.

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