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It’s completely acceptable to wear your gym kit to work


It's completely acceptable to wear your gym kit to work
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It can be difficult to muster the motivation to workout when you have to go to work.

You start early, you finish late and in between, you’re rushing around the office like a blue-arsed fly.

Finding the time to head to the gym can feel impossible. In an ideal world, you’d start your day with a solid session of fasted cardio before you started work – but if you struggle to wake up in time to be for 8am, there’s very little chance of you making it to a 6.30am class.

Your best bet then is to try and go for a 45-minute blitz at lunchtime or straight after work.

But by the time you’ve sat at your desk for a few hours, the only thing you want to do is eat your lunch or go home. Which is why you should start wearing your gym kit to work.


Four out of five days, I turn up to the office in running leggings, vests and trainers. My office doesn’t have a strict dress code but people tend to make some kind of effort not to look like they just rolled out of bed. So spending half or the whole day in lycra is a little inconspicuous.

But you know what? It’s made all the difference to my routine.

I tend to workout at lunchtimes in a bid to get out of my kit and into my normal clothes. I don’t shower before I leave my house – I have a midday one at the gym. Suffice to say, after a 40-minute workout and hot shower, I never have a 3pm slump.

I’m forced to work out because I’d look and feel like a massive prat if I didn’t. If you’re in your kit, you have to use it. You can’t be that guy who walks around in sports gear only to sit at a desk for eight hours before decamping to the pub or sofa.

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It’s particularly useful if you’re trying to commit to running home from work. Wearing your compression pants during the day ensures you don’t swerve the commute home; it might seem like a good idea at the start of the day but motivation wears thinner and thinner as the day goes on. Commuter running is such a good way of getting your exercise in because it’s functional – you need to get home somehow, so you might as well get your workout in at the same time. It does, however, require a little preparation. You can’t be running with a huge bag full of clothes and if you’re hot desking, you might not want to leave your garms in the office overnight. So wearing your running stuff already is a massive convenience.


Now, I know what you’re thinking – won’t people think you look a slob in your gym kit? Won’t you be the odd, non-stylish one out in the office?

They might. Recently, one colleague accosted me in the lifts, saying: ‘I used to think you wore athleisure because you were always going to the gym, but now I realise you just like wearing gym kits’. I was kind of mortified because I actually was going to the gym after work. Who would really wear their kits to work as a fashion statement? But then I realised that A. my kit was actually probably nicer than my everyday clothes anyway and B. people who don’t work out don’t have an opinion. And if you are worried that your gym kit is socially unacceptable, treat yourself to a super nice one. No one’s going to chastise you for wearing a slinky bit of Lululemon, are they?

Gains first, fashion second.

The other advantage to wearing your kit to work is that when you do actually put the effort in, do your makeup and wear a nice normal outfit to the office, people tend to notice. You might actually be dressed in the most average dress ever and you still get to bask in compliments.

Ultimately, anything that gets you moving is worth doing – regardless of how it makes you look.

If you’re struggling to muscle the motivation to head to the gym or lack the energy to keep getting changed, then rock that kit in the office.

And if you do have a strict dress code, go to work with your gym underwear on under your suit or outfit.

Just having a sports bra on, I find, is enough to make me want to put it to good use. If you’re not having to get butt-naked in the changing room because you’ve already got the right underwear on, you’re saving time and effort – particularly if you’re trying to work out at lunchtime.


So, no excuses.

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