Home Fashion This brand is selling safety goggles as a legit fashion accessory

This brand is selling safety goggles as a legit fashion accessory


This brand is selling safety goggles as a legit fashion accessory
(Picture: Brashy Studios)

Today has already been a bloody good day for fashion.

This morning we were blessed with sweat berets (duh, don’t you know? Berets you can wear to the gym, hun) and now the sartorial gods have bestowed upon us another gift.

Safety goggles.

Selling as ‘safety eyewear’, Los Angeles-based fashion brand Brashy Studios has given us no other info than this.

Seeing as the goggles are selling for a cool $25 (£17.66), we would like some more details, please.

What type of impact do they protect against? (Crimes against fashion?) What impact level are we talking? Do they meet the EN 166 Optical class 1 standard? Do they? Do they?

These are all questions influencers and serious fashionistas will be asking, and we want answers.

Brashy Studio/B&Q's safety goggles
Brashy Studio’s version on the left costs £17.66, while B&Q’s on the right cost just £1.42 (Picture: Brashy Studio/B&Q)

The world of fashion is fast and – unbelievably – there are already loads of cheap copies of these eye glasses swimming around.


Being the bargain hunters we are, we found you a much cheaper version – save yourself a pretty penny by grabbing a pair of B&Q’s over specs safety goggles for £1.42.

Look – they’re identical!

It’s amazing how quick B&Q is able to copy the catwalk these days.

I’ve just seen a man in the building wearing a pair of these, so it looks like the trend is already catching on. He was also wearing a high-vis gilet – such bold styling.

If you’re insistent on getting the originals of these, pick up a pair over at Brashy Studios.

Be stylish, be seen, be safe.


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