Home Fashion Louis Vuitton announces Virgil Abloh as its new Mens Artistic Director

Louis Vuitton announces Virgil Abloh as its new Mens Artistic Director


Louis Vuitton announces Virgil Abloh as its new Men's Artistic Director
Virgil Abloh joins Louis Vuitton (Picture: Louis Vuitton, Getty)

Virgil Abloh has been hired as the new Mens Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton.

The designer takes over from Kim Jones, who left the brand in January after seven years, and recently announced his move to Dior Homme.

Abloh is the founder of street wear label Off-White, which he started in 2013, as well as being Kanye Wests longterm creative director.

It is an honour for me to accept the position of Mens Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton, says Abloh.

I find the heritage and creative integrity of the House are key inspirations and will look to reference them both while drawing parallels to modern times.

This appointment makes him Louis Vuittons first African-American artistic director.

Abloh first met Louis Vuittons Chairman and CEO, Michael Burke, when he interned for him (alongside Kanye West) at Fendi 12 years ago.


Having followed with great interest Virgils ascent since he worked with me at Fendi in 2006, I am thrilled to see how his innate creativity and disruptive approach have made him so relevant, not just in the world of fashion but in popular culture today, says Burke.

His sensibility towards luxury and savoir-faire will be instrumental in taking Louis Vuittons menswear into the future.

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Burke told The New York Times that hes been following Ablohs career ever since, adding: Virgil is incredibly good at creating bridges between the classic and the zeitgeist of the moment.

Indeed, his appointment shows the increasing demand for a fusion between luxe fashion and street wear.

Ablohs first show will take place in June during Mens Fashion Week.

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