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Meet the ASOS model everyone on Twitter is loving


Meet the ASOS model everyone on Twitter is loving
(Picture: Asos)

The greatest photo of a bathing suit was spotted on ASOS as Twitter users commended the brand for using a beautiful black model to show off a yellow bikini.

The vibrant two piece was modelled by Vivian Eyo-Ephraim, represented by Bridge Models, who was glowing in the beach attire.

Users were not only surprised to see a dark-skinned model, but one thats representing plus-size women – and slaying while doing so.

Vivian spoke to Metro.co.uk about her career and what its like to get so much appreciation for her work.

Credit: ASOS
(Picture: ASOS)

She said she hasnt been in the modeling industry for long, and got her first contract with Bridge Models after applying to a model search competition on Star Now last year.

As a minority in fashion, diversity is important to her.

She said: The world is a very diverse place and its important that consumers see brands representing and recognising all ethnicities, shapes and sizes, we want to see ourselves represented and celebrated and recognised.


I think its incredibly important to start re-defining what is the norm, and start celebrating our individuality.

The modelling world is still so new to me, to see the amazing support and response from a job I did is just incredible, I couldnt be more grateful to ASOS and Bridge for taking a chance on me and allowing me to show the world that everybody is beautiful, no matter what their shape, size or ethnicity.

One of the reasons I love ASOS…. They even have ASOS Plus for guys. So you see bigger built models. Clothes that actually fit me https://t.co/RPfpLH9gcw

— Ricardo Ricketts (@FoxalotWill) March 29, 2018

The initial post by a body positive blogger and styled racked 15,000 likes and 4,000 retweets as users called on Black Twitter to do its magic.

The viral post shows the lack of representation in fashion and retail, as users commented saying this is what happens when retailers market to African Americans properly.

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One tweeted to Forever 21 saying they should also hire Vivian for their range.

Vivian says the reception has been overwhelming and shes excited for her future as one of the few black plus size models.

We definitely need more.

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