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Barefoot Briton found after Brazilian walkabout


A British woman who went missing from a meditation retreat in Brazil has been found safe and well.

Katherine Brewster, 27, from Seaford, in East Sussex, was last seen on Sunday, reportedly walking barefoot into a dense forest.

Her mother, Dr Diane Brewster, told BBC South East that she had called home after returning from "time alone" in a rural part of Santa Catarina.

Ms Brewster was said to have been "amazed" upon learning of the search.

She is staying with a family in Dom Jose village in Alpestre, who reported her disappearance on Tuesday after she left taking only her passport and credit card, and leaving all her other belongings behind.

In a Facebook post, Neli da Terra said she was "a guest for a period of 32 days, in search of a contact with earth and nature, always with a quiet behavior and relationship and without causing any damage to the community and our family".

Marcos Woelz, speaking on behalf of Clairton da Silva, who was involved in the search for Ms Brewster, said: "We got really scared. The weather was changing fast. We were really worried about her health.

"She was found about 10km away in a very densely populated bush where she found some fruit from other people's plantations.

"She was found in a very hard-to-access area; no roads, very steep terrain. She was found with bruises but basically she is ok.

"She went walking and got lost."

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