Home Fashion American Apparel is coming back to UK, guys!

American Apparel is coming back to UK, guys!


American Apparel is coming back to UK, guys!
(Picture: American Apparel)

American Apparel is back – this time without the uncomfortable, hyper-sexualised imagery.

The brand packed up shop in the UK in 2016, after going into administration and years of battling criticism over its near-pornographic treatment of female models.

But its now been relaunched online under the leadership of an all-female board.

Its new campaign, created by UK agency Thinking Juice, is taking a different approach.

The brands new owner, Gildan Activewear, says that will American Apparel will still be sexy, the goal this time isnt to sexualise or exploit women but rather to treat models of both sexes equally.

We dont believe in covering up, Sabina Weber, head of brand marketing at Gilden, tells Adweek.

Women feel so conflicted about being sexual right now, but were taking a position to still be sexy, unapologetically so, but from an empowered female perspective.


So fans of the label dont have to worry that their favourite items are changing. Youll still be able to buy ultra-tight, shiny disco pants and barely-there bikinis.

American Apparel has been accused of catering to the male gaze in its ad campaigns for some time.

Now, its hoped that the attention will focus more on the clothes the models are wearing rather than the explicit poses the models are in.

The brand even posted a Model Open Call to Instagram back in March, saying: Looking for real people to model in a secret upcoming collaboration. Post a picture to #AACasting to be considered. Must live in Los Angeles. 21 or older. Size/gender irrelevant.

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