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“Crypto Rider” game lets traders race the peaks and troughs of the market


Dabbling in cryptocurrencies is often a wild ride for investors, but a new game now lets players race on the peaks and troughs of the market for real.

The smartphone game called Crypto Rider gives players the chance to race along the price graphs of different cryptocurrencies.

"Crypto Rider is a 2D racing game, where the tracks are real life historical price data of popular Cryptocurrencies," the app is described as on the Google Play store.

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"Fed up of watching all the price dips? Well now you can ride them!"

"Crypto Rider" lets players ride the wave of the market for real.

Racers choose from nine Bitcoin cars to send down 10 tracks, which are modelled on the real life price changes of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Neo.

The game is available on Android and iPhone, and is free to play, although the creators do give players the chance to offer a small crypto donation.

Daniel Fahey, creator of the game, told the BBC: "I was looking at price charts and I thought, these look like good tracks to race cars on.

"I've had some really positive feedback and that's all I'm asking for really."


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