Home Fashion Plus-size influencers recreate outfits worn by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Plus-size influencers recreate outfits worn by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


Plus-size influencers recreate outfits worn by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
(Picture: the12ishstyle)

Everyones obsessed with Meghan Markles style.

We cant blame them. Meghan wears some excellent clothes.

One blogger wants everyone to know that size doesnt cut you off from getting to inject some Markle into your wardrobe.

Katie Sturino, founder of The 12ish Style blog and owner of the late, great Toast the dog, has teamed up with Ryan Dziadul, the founder of Extra Extra Style, to show that people of any size can recreate the excellent outfits worn by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

As part of Katies #supersizethelook series, she and Ryan wore dupes of the royal couples outfits and recreated their poses – and looked brilliant.

I started a series called Supersize The Look where I take celebrity looks and recreate them for a larger body size, Katie tells Metro.co.uk.


The point is to show women who might feel like they cant “pull off” a style they are inspired by because they are not the same size. You just have to put your confidence on first!

For Katie, hopping on the Meghan Markle effect is important, because seeing someone rocking the same style could give other women the confidence to love their bodies and wear whatever the f*** they want.

I wish I had someone when I was growing up to look to for style inspiration that looked a little more like me, she explains.

It would have saved me from many years of negative self talk about my body.

I spent my teens and twenties punishing myself for not being “skinny”. I felt fat. All the time.

I hated walking into crowded parties because I felt that everyone was thinking about how big I was.

I fluctuated on the scale swinging between intense workouts and not even going to the gym. The moment I realized that there were other women out there that looked like me and had the same struggles as I did, I was freed in a way.

Style has nothing to do with size!

Meghans not the only celeb Katies been copying. Take a look at some of her best supersized looks below.

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