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People are raging at Prada for selling an Angela Davis T-shirt


People are raging at Prada for selling an Angela Davis T-shirt
(Picture: Prada)

Prada is receiving heavy criticism for selling a $500 (£360) T-shirt with an illustration of Angela Davis on the front.

For those not in the know, Angela Davis is a political activist, academic, and author, who worked with the Communist Party back in the 60s to get rights for black people.

People doubt that shed be keen on having her face commercialised into a pricey designer tee.

The Prada tee is made of white cotton and has an illustration of Angela Davis by Trina Robbins, along with the words Right On.

The product description reads: Miuccia Prada continues her feminist sentiment for SS18, with this white cotton T-shirt that features a logo appliqué of Trina Robbins Angela Davis portrait.

People aren't pleased with this Angela Davis tee Credit: Prada
(Picture: Prada)

Style it with the houses comic-illustration trench and wide-leg trousers for a stylish look that packs a powerful message.

That trench the brand mentions also features an illustration of Angela Davis on the back.


The illustrator behind the portrait says Pradas T-shirt is lovely, and Angela herself hasnt responded – but on Twitter, theres been some serious backlash.

Angela Davis wouldnt even approve of Pradas existence, let alone a Prada t-shirt w/ her on it priced at $500.. people really turning whole revolutionaries & their lives to overpriced, fashionable aesthetics for the sake of profit. wild https://t.co/0eKH1zGIYr

— Rebeka (@bekalectus) April 25, 2018

shirts of Angela Davis for $500?

when she was part of the communist party & had close relationships with the Black Panther Party, who used clothing as an actual way to demonstrate militancy and international revolution?


— vanessa (@BaconTribe) April 25, 2018

The tee is the latest in a trend for the commodification of political and feminist icons and mantras, worn for fashion rather than to make a statement.

Take a look through high street stores and youll spot slogan tees emblazoned with words like empowerment and feminist – but many of these arent donating any profits towards organisations actually empowering women and promoting feminism.

In the case of this Prada tee, theres no sign that any part of the $500 dollar cost will go towards the movements Angela Davis embodies.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Universal History Archive/UIG/REX/Shutterstock (5205786a) Angela Davis, American political activist, scholar and author. She emerged as a prominent countercultural activist and radical in the 1960's as a leader of the Communist Party USA. VARIOUS
(Picture: Rex Features)

Essentially its all talk, no action – which explains why people are royally p*ssed.

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Its great to celebrate icons such as Angela Davis, but its better to make sure that theyre celebrated in ways beyond sticking their face on clothing. Embody the work they do, not just their faces.

Weve reached out to Prada for comment, and will update this article if we hear back.

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