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Gigi Hadid accused of purposely looking ethnic on the cover of Vogue Italia


Gigi Hadid accused of purposely looking ethnic on the cover of Vogue Italia
(Picture: Gigi Hadid)

Gigi Hadid took to Instagram yesterday to share an image of her new Vogue Italia cover.

Its Gigis 27th Vogue cover, and shes seen sitting on model Justin Martins lap, clad in a Dolce & Gabanna jumpsuit and crown.

But its not the fashion thats been dividing fans – its Gigis tan.

Her skin appears to be darker than usual and people have been quick to question why Vogue Italia felt the need to tan her up so heavily.

Some have accused the magazine of trying to turn her black, while others have been asking why Gigi didnt object to having her image so radically altered.

One person writes: Her skin is far, far away from tan. They are so many models from other races; black, Asian and so many more she is a role model for many young girls. This photoshoot is an insult to all the beautiful black women.


Theres a difference between getting a tan look (most of her pics) to actually changing her pigment to a shade of brown that a tan would never do AKA unnatural AF, says another.

Also her face has been altered SO hard. This is an actual ongoing issue and POC should be hella offended, outta here with that privilege.

But not everyone believes that shes been made to look more ethnic.

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After all, Gigi is partly Palestinian and well, Italians come in many shades – from fair to very darkly tanned. Her tan on the shoot might be sprayed but one wonders how tanned shed get if she spent a summer on the Amalfi Coast, for example.

Since when did fake tanned constitute as racist? Christ, get a grip, says one fan.

So, whats the deal? Should Vogue have just hired a woman of colour for the shoot or is Gigi simply channelling Italian summer beauty?

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