Home Fashion Scots are obsessed with Vans accidental Irn-Bru trainers

Scots are obsessed with Vans accidental Irn-Bru trainers


Scots are obsessed with Vans' accidental Irn-Bru trainers
(Picture: ASOS)

Just in case you didnt know this crucial bit of information: Irn-Bru is a very special beverage for people in Scotland.

Scotland may be the only place where Coca-Cola isnt the fizzy drink of choice. When the recipe changed there was uproar.

So of course, when Scots spotted some trainers in Irn-Brus iconic tones of blue, orange, and white, they were bloody overjoyed.

The trainers are the work of Vans, currently being sold on ASOS for £60.

To be clear, theyre not deliberately Irn-Bru themed (as far as we know, anyway), but have found themselves an accidental hit thanks to their resemblance to the fizzy drinks can.

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We get the hype, to be honest. Wed quite like a pair of shoes to match our favourite drink, if only for the Instagram opportunity.


Now all we need is for Converse to bring out shoes in the shades of Buckfast and well be set.

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