Home Fashion Missguided is celebrating female flaws in their latest campaign

Missguided is celebrating female flaws in their latest campaign


Missguided is celebrating female 'flaws' in their latest campaign

(Picture: Misguided)

Diversity and body positivity has never been so on trend as it is right now.

But Missguided seems to be a brand which is more committed than most to championing positive body image.

In its latest campaign, the brand is championing female flaws and imperfections by featuring a number of models with unique features.

#InYourOwnSkin is full of crop tops, bandeaus and body-cons (class Missguided), worn by Joanne, a plus-size model with albinism, and Isabella with scars across her arm and back which she got after being caught in a house fire.

Mariana, who was born with a large birthmark on her face, also features in the campaign as well as Maya, who has a rare skin condition.

I think we are on the way to empowering women a lot more than we used to, says Maya, who has Epidermolysis Bullosa – a condition that affects around 5,000 people in the UK.



This is university student Beths first modelling job and she has psoriasis.

Beauty to me is about whats inside, personality, happiness, love and acceptance, she says. The campaign also features heavily freckled model, Polly.

Missguideds latest campaign signifies another bold and fearless move as the brand continues to build upon its globally empowering #KeepOnBeingYou movement, the brand says.

And people are loving it.

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Using a girl with psoriasis ?❤ bravo Missguided for this campaign ???? pic.twitter.com/0o5JUyZxYa

— Rosie ? (@rosiemcfadzean) May 10, 2018

Its not the first time that Missguided has made a conscious effort to try and diversify the range of female bodies featured in their campaigns.

It regularly casts models with stretchmarks in its online imagery, and earlier this year unveiled a range of mannequins with stretch marks and vitiligo.

Sorry but @missguided have been absolutely killin it lately with their incredible beauty campaigns! Everyone can be beautiful despite what others may perceive as flaws?

— Mel (@Melissa_Maee) May 10, 2018

@Missguided have done more for body positivity in the previous year than most companies have done in their last 10 ??‍♀️

— chels (@chelseasclarke) May 10, 2018

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