Home Market Elvis’s 1960 Omega diamond watch sold for $1.8m at auction

Elvis’s 1960 Omega diamond watch sold for $1.8m at auction


An Omega wristwatch that previously belonged to Rock 'n Roll legend Elvis Presley was sold for $1.8m (£1.3m) at an auction in Geneva, making it the most expensive Omega ever sold.

The wristwatch was given to 'the king' by RCA Records after surpassing 75m records sold in 1961 and fetched 18 times the expected buying price.

It is made of 18-carat white gold and has 44 diamonds from the New York-based jeweller Tiffany & Co and was expected to go for between £36,000 and £78.000.

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The Geneva spring auction started on Saturday with watch sales by New York and London-based auction house Phillips and is the leading auction house for rare and vintage timepieces.

In October last year, Phillips set a new record for the most expensive wristwatch ever sold when Paul Newman's Rolex fetched $17.8m (£13.1).

London-based auction house Sotheby's held an auction on Sunday where a Rolex Daytona Paul Newman was sold for $948,000 (£698,000), but Phillips has established themselves as the leading auction house for vintage timepieces.

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