Home Fashion Hip cleavage is the ridiculous new summer body trend

Hip cleavage is the ridiculous new summer body trend


Hip cleavage is the ridiculous new 'summer body trend'

(Picture: Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Christina Milian, Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram)

Remember when boobs were back, in a big way?

Well, theyd better move over, because we have a new fashionable body part on trend right now.

And its more subtle than sideboob, underboob, overboob, and big butts.

Hip cleavage is the only relevant cleavage these days.

The words hip and cleavage might not normally be used together but the likes of Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Christina Millian, and underboob enthusiast Emily Ratajkowski have been giving it life this spring.

Page Six declared that hips are super on trend right now, asking if hipbones are the new décolletage (that means parts of a womans body that are exposed by the lines of her clothing, we checked).



When you think about it, its a strange pocket of the fashion world that allows different body parts to dip in and out of relevance.

Hips dont usually get much time in the limelight, if at all, but lately, high-leg swimwear has been all the rage. Instead of just appreciating the clothes though, the focus has shifted onto womens bodies, yet again.

Just like the thigh gap, hips are apparently the sexiest thing ever.

From Bikinis bottoms, to swimming costumes with fabric cut around the hips, to low rise ensembles, a string of celebs has been showing off their God-given sides.

And theres nothing wrong with that – they should be able to dress and share whatever images they like. But lets not start obsessing over our own hips.

While these bikini-clad women do look good showing off their bodies, lets not run to the store for a high-leg swimming costume.

After all, we shouldnt just let parts of a womans body weave in and out of fashion as if its a disposable commodity.

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And its just boring now, weve had all the cleavages. From the traditional and evergreen boob cleavage to the ridiculous toe cleavage (the secret is showing off two, apparently), to leg cleavage.

Theres just too many cleavages to keep up with.

So were just going to ignore the trend altogether and carry on loving our bits all year round, not just when its deemed fashionable.

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