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The internet is doing what it does best, taking the mick out of royal wedding outfits


The internet is doing what it does best, taking the mick out of royal wedding outfits

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You mightve been busy awwing at Meghans gown as a tearful Harry told her she looked amazing during the royal wedding.

But some people were more busy mulling over what the guests were wearing.

While most of us were gushing at Serena Williams, Joss Stone, and Priyanka Chopra, some took to Twitter to make comparisons between royals, celebs…and well, random items.

Pippa Middletons floral number didnt get any love online. People just couldnt help but notice that it looked a lot like Arizonas iced tea.

You have to admit, there is a strong resemblance between the mint dress adorned with pink flowers and the green tea.

Unlike the canned drink though, the Hepburn dress cost £495 and is still available online at The Fold.



Who knows, maybe the designers were big fans of the drink.

Even the Queen wasnt spared from the taunts. Her Majesty wore a neon yellow, purple and grey printed silk dress, wearing an Angela Kelly hat, using the same lime silk tweed with sinamay adorned across the crown with handmade lace crystals and pearls made by Lucy Price.

But all viewers could think was…Ted Baker bag.

Again, we can totally see it.

And it wasnt just the royals and celebs being ridiculed, the vicar who led the reception at St Georges Hall was also compared to a canned drink.

The internet has certainly been busy today, with all the royal wedding coverage. Loads of users have gotten creative, not only making comparisons but memes of the whole thing.

And theyre pretty hilarious stuff. Here are a few:

Huge fan of Harry saying “Im shitting it” in front of every country in the fucking world. pic.twitter.com/nvdgjDZuSj

— Elliot Hackney (LMcK) (@ElliotHackney) May 19, 2018

Were sure therell be many more to come.

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