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Woman dedicates her life to dressing up like Kate Middleton


Woman dedicates her life to dressing up like Kate Middleton

(Picture: PA Real Life/PA Archive/PA Images)

17-year-old Ruby Davis spends hours recreating the Duchess of Cambridges classy outfits for a fraction of the cost.

Ruby, from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, is part of an Instagram community known as the replikates – who expertly mimic Kate Middletons iconic style.

She recreates the outfits on the shop, spending £450 in total on a combination of cut price pre-owned or convincing copycat versions.

However, she admits she does get some nasty comments on social media.

She said: People think its sad for a teenager, to be so in to the royal family. But the way I see it, its no different to idolising any other celebrity.

Most girls my age want to be Kim Kardashian – dressing like her and getting lip fillers. Theres nothing wrong with that, but its not for me. Id rather be Kate Middleton.

Ruby in a replica version of a skirt Kate wore in Birmingham in 2011 (PA Real Life/PA Archive/PA Images)

(Picture: PA Real Life/PA Archive/PA Images)

A fan of the regal clan since she was small, Ruby first spotted Kate Middleton on her April 2011 wedding day, which was televised across the world.



She continued: Id been to Los Angeles, USA, on holiday with my family, but wed put our house keys in our luggage, which got lost en route, so we were locked out.

We went to a neighbours to pass the time and they were all watching the royal wedding.

I was absolutely captivated. I cant explain it, but when I saw Kate in that dress, she looked sparkling. Even though I was jet-lagged and exhausted, I stayed awake to watch the whole thing.

I was only 11 at the time. I felt like I was watching a real life fairy-tale.

Once Ruby was old enough to use social media, she followed scores of Kate Middleton fans accounts – many of whom devoted hours to meticulously recreating her classy style.

Ruby told of how if she ever got married, she'd want a dress like Kate's (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

When one particularly good copycat outfit caught her eye, she messaged the pages owner, asking where she had got it – facilitating her introduction to the world of replikating.

I got introduced to women from all over the world, who all dress exactly like Kate, she said. I thought it was such a lovely thing to do, and theyre a really supportive community.

Were all different ages and from all over the world, but weve got Kate in common.

Together, the replikate community will study photos of Kates outfits and piece together where they originally came from.

Ruby will then buy the exact version if she can afford it, or find the closest copycat version possible.

Im a student, so I cant spend loads, and a lot of her clothes are designer, she said, adding that she makes most of her purchases on marketplace-style sites like eBay, Depop and Etsy.

EDITORIAL USE ONLY NO SALES - Ruby in a replica version of some earrings of Diana's that Kate wore (PA Real Life/Place2Be/PA Images)

(Picture: PA Real Life/Place2Be/PA Images)

If its something high street, as she does wear a lot of Topshop and Zara, then Ill get one of my own.

But if its something more high end, like her gowns, then I have to be a copykate.



People know how much I love her, so I get a lot of Kate stuff for Christmas and birthdays. I recently got a gorgeous pair of earrings that were just like some shed worn that originally belonged to Diana.

More wearable and affordable, mostly Ruby mimics her idols casual looks, although she is desperate to track down the beige Reiss dress Kate wore to meet the Obamas in 2011, as well as her iconic blue Issa engagement dress.

She said: I saw the Reiss dress on eBay a little while ago, but I just missed out on the bidding. I was gutted.

I love the engagement dress too. It looked so gorgeous on her figure, and its done the same for other girls Ive seen wear it. Its a really flattering style.

Another look of Kates I adored was when she wore that red dress after having baby Louis last month. It was such a beautiful tribute to Diana, whod worn a similar outfit when she had Prince Harry.

Ruby in a copycat version of a trench coat Kate wore in Belfast in 2011 (PA Real Life/PA Archive/PA Images)

(Picture: PA Real Life/PA Archive/PA Images)

Obsessed with the royal family, Ruby has admitted that she now idolises Meghan Markle, too.

She continued: I saw a photo of her wearing a crisp white shirt at the Invictus Games, and went straight out to buy my own.

I love how Meghan injects her personality into her style. I cant wait to see her wedding dress, when she marries Prince Harry on May 19. If I ever got married, Id want one like Kates, but I know Meghans will be stunning, too.

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I was going to have a royal wedding party, but I know what Im like, and Ill want to watch it all undisturbed in silence, so Im staying home instead.


Encouraged by pals, who are all supportive of her hobby, Ruby has set up an Instagram dedicated to her replikate outfits – dealing with any trolling comments by deleting them.

I wouldnt dignify them with a response, she said.

Im just living my life, dressing how I want and showing off my admiration for the royals.

What on earth could be wrong with that?

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