Home Fashion Meghan Markle designed a bracelet for Kate Middleton and her bridesmaids

Meghan Markle designed a bracelet for Kate Middleton and her bridesmaids


Meghan Markle designed a bracelet for Kate Middleton and her bridesmaids

(Picture: Zofia Day, PA, Splash News, AFP/Getty)

Meghan has pretty much proved how kind and big-hearted she is, through her humanitarian work.

Now shes shown that shes a good friend too. Thanking Kate Middleton and six of her bridesmaids for their help at the royal wedding, Meghan designed bespoke gold bracelets for her nearest and dearest.

She commissioned California-based jewellers Zofia Day to create the Solid Gold Disc Bracelet, choosing the design for the delicate yellow trinket, fittingly called The Kensington.

And you can get it too.

Meghan's bespoke gifts to kate and bridesmaids Credit: Zofia Day

(Picture: Zofia Day)

The Duchess of Cambridge was a proud recipient and its thought that Jessica Mulroney and Benita Litt also received the special gift after their children walked down the aisle with Meghan as bridesmaids and pageboys.

If you want The Kensington for yourself, just because you think it looks nice or to commemorate Meghan and Harrys wedding, you can get it from the Zofia Day website.



Though the price is pretty royal too, as its available for $450 (£335.17).

And making us even more jealous that shes not our best mate, Meghan got the six young girls white leather Aquazurra shoes monogrammed with their initials and the wedding date.

Kensington Palace confirmed that the gifts were a memento of the special day, and even the pageboys got a little bespoke present; their initials were embroidered in gold on their shoulder strap.

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Prince George, a pageboy in the ceremony, would have also got the keepsake outfit.

The boys looked dapper in their mini versions of the Blues and Royals frockcoat that Harry and Prince William wore. Princess Charlotte, who was one of the young bridesmaids, proudly wore her Aquazurra shoes during the wedding party.

Now thats one hell of a gift.

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