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Now fashion types are trying to make us wear jackets as strapless tops


Now fashion types are trying to make us wear jackets as strapless tops

(Picture: ASOS)

Look, fashion is weird.

Not a week goes by without some brand trying to sell us a truly bizarre item of clothing.

Jeans so ripped theyre barely jeans. A T-shirt with a shirt sewn on the front. A dinosaur tail for festivals.

Now, River Island and ASOS are trying to give the old tying your jacket around your waist like a cool dad/90s teen thing an update… by styling a jacket tied around your chest like a makeshift corset.

To be clear, the brands arent offering a DIY tutorial, but are instead selling a real-life top to make it look like youre wearing your jacket entirely incorrectly.

river island top jacket

(Picture: ASOS)

River Islands tie front denim crop top looks like a white denim jacket thats been done up, twisted, and tied, to make it into some semblance of a strapless top.

It was brought to our attention by comments on Instagram, which captioned the ASOS model wearing the top: Karen had never worn a jacket before.

To be fair to River Island, the top is only £35, so its not too outrageous.



But if youre desperate to try the trend for yourself, wed advise just grabbing an old hoody or denim jacket you have lying around and trying to tie it in place.

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Will it stay put? Absolutely not. Will it slip down to reveal your nips to the world? Of course it will. But will you look damn stylish in the process? …Well, no. Youll look like youve done a weird thing with your jacket.

While we appreciate the proposal of making items of clothing multipurpose, we reckon the most out-there thing well be doing with our jackets for now is a spot of shrobing.

If anyone does fancy giving this look a go, however, please do give us a shout. Well be seriously impressed by anyone who pulls it off.

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