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CHANGING PLACES LATAM: Jorge Hidalgo, Beatriz Torres, Marcela Giraldo…


People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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Jorge Hidalgo has joined Hemisphere Media Group as SVP of Operations. Hidalgo will be responsible for Hemispheres technical operations with a focus on its Latin American businesses.

Beatriz Torres has been appointed as the new marketing director of Dior Iberia, reported AdLatina. Beatriz previously worked at Sephora for more than seven years, where she was in charge of the marketing and communications departments.

Dominican company Scotia Crecer AFP has hired Marcela Giraldo as the new general manager. Giraldo comes from the Bogota-based company Colfondos SA where she served as VP of Marketing.

Francisco Balbuena has been named revenue growth management & analytics director of LCBU (Latin Center Business Division) of Coca-Cola, reported AdLatina. He had previously worked at Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana and Phillip Morris International.

Red Hat has just appointed Mercedes Calvo as their new marketing regional manager and will be in charge of the Regional Demand Center for Latin America. Also, Andres Indaverea has been named public relations and social media regional manager.

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