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Girl shocked to find the shorts she ordered online look like theyve been mauled by a bear


Girl shocked to find the shorts she ordered online look like they've been mauled by a bear

(Picture: Caters News)

Weve all ordered something online to realise it doesnt quite live up to expectations.

But this is on another level.

Lucy Kearney, 18, placed an order on Pretty Little Thing for some summer outfits for her family holiday to Malaga, Spain. Among those outfits were a pair of plain white shorts.

But when those shorts turned up, they didnt seem so plain. They were covered in rips, tearing across the crotch and bum area.

Lucy was confused, but thanks to all the extreme cut-out and ripped denim going around, briefly considered that the mauled by a bear look was intended to be trendy.

Initially I thought they had sent me the wrong product, but they looked the exact same, just covered in rips, said Lucy.

White high waisted denim shorts on the Pretty Little Thing website

The shorts online. (Picture: Pretty Little Thing)

I then showed my family and they started laughing, but my dad just turned to me and told me I wasnt leaving the house in them.



But as soon as I saw them I knew they were going straight back – they had rips all over and they would be a very indecent wear!

But knowing the current fashion trends, I wouldnt be surprised at all if people started wearing shorts like this.

Thankfully Lucy wasnt too bothered about the mishap – she found the whole thing pretty funny, snapping a picture of the on-trend shorts.

Pic by Lucy Kearney/Caters News - (Pictured: Lucy Kearney, 18 from Belfast, Northern Ireland, wearing shorts covered in inappropriate rips over the crotch and bottom that werent part of the design she had originally ordered.) - A teenage girl was stunned to find the shorts she ordered online appeared to be ripped up by a bear and her dad has FORBID her to wear them. Lucy Kearney, 18, placed an order on clothing website Pretty Little Thing to get some summer outfits for her family holiday to Malaga, Spain, but was shocked when her items arrived. SEE CATERS COPY

The shorts Lucy received. (Picture: Lucy Kearney/Caters News)

I was leaving for my holiday the next day, so I was annoyed that one of my staple items had arrived in this state.

But after showing my friends and family the shorts they quickly made me see the funny side of it, and now I think theyre hilarious.

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All of my friends had a good laugh at the photos of me in the shorts, but my brother and dad were definitely taken aback!

Ive now returned the shorts, so they definitely wont be worn by me.

A spokesperson for Pretty Little Thing said: I can confirm our customer service team have offered a full refund and we will be looking into this further. We apologise to the customer for any inconvenience caused.

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