Home Fashion You can now buy a super cute sparkly rose gold Disney backpack

You can now buy a super cute sparkly rose gold Disney backpack


You can now buy a super cute sparkly rose gold Disney backpack

(Picture: Instagram)

If youre a Disney fanatic and you love absolutely anything in rose gold, youre in luck, because Disney has expanded its fashion range with a new sparkly rose gold Minnie Mouse backpack.

The sequin-adorned backpack comes from Loungefly, and made its way onto the shelves at Disneyland on 7 June.

Alongside the bags, other sparkly rose gold Disney accessories included a Minnie Mouse headband and a purse, also complete with the famous Disney bow.

A photo of the backpack was uploaded to Instagram by Disneylifestylers, while Disneystyle shared images of all the accessories.

While each of these items is absolutely stunning, were gutted to tell you that the bags, which cost £63.50, are actually sold out at Disneyland.



But that doesnt mean you cant get your hands on one.

If youre willing to pay a little more, theyre currently being sold on eBay for £101.

Sure, thats fairly expensive, but come on, just think about how perfect itll look on your Instagram feed.

This isnt the first time Disney has released some rose gold items.

Back in August 2017, Disneyland released a super cute Minnie Mouse rose gold headband. It featured sparkly ears and a massive pink bow.

Months later, in April, Disney World started serving up a rose gold millennial cocktail.

Disney World millennial pink drink Credit: Disney Parks

(Picture: Disney Parks)

The cocktail is made with Fairy Tale Celebration Cuvee, a type of champagne, and comes topped with a pair of Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears made out of chocolate.

Its available at Amorettes Patisserie in Disney Springs.

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