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Boohoo is being praised for not editing out their models stretch marks


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Boohoo is being praised for not editing out their models' stretch marks

(Picture: Boohoo)

Boohoo has been praised by thousands of people online for not Photoshopping out a models stretch marks.

A stunning model was pictured modelling an open-back yellow bodysuit, with the stretch marks on her bum and on her legs fully on show.

Obviously, this is amazing – because so often, we forget that, because of their utter beauty, models are just normal people.

And so Boohoo reminding us of this fact is something that should be celebrated.

Facebook user Cheryl Adele was spotted the photo and uploaded it to her page alongside the caption: I find this so amazing!

Boohoo is being praised for not editing out their models' stretch marks

(Picture: Boohoo)

That even on a massive clothing brand like Boohoo they havent photoshopped away the models stretch marks!

This is what girl power is all about! And every woman has imperfections.

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It shouldnt be photoshopped away to give unrealistic expectations! Its what makes us who we are!

Since being shared, the post has gone on to receive more than 109,000 likes, 69,000 shares and 3,600 comments – one of which read: Its about bloody time!!! This is the reality of a womans body. Its beautiful and it tells a story.

The photo has also made it over to Twitter where people are praising the fashion retailer for leaving the models stretch marks unedited.

@boohoo well done for not photoshopping stretch marks ?? I hope other leading brands follow in your footsteps!

— Chloe Pitchford (@c_pitchford) June 22, 2018

Other people have pointed out more photos, where other models have been pictured with their stretch marks on display:

Cant be the only one that thinks its absolutely amazing that boohoo havent airbrushed out their models “flaws.” Embracing the girls stretch marks and showing young girls that your appearance should never be changed or hidden away to please others.. aw I love???? pic.twitter.com/t4EQWPs5u7

— L A U R E N ?✨?? (@lcrawford_1) June 7, 2018

goodnight to everyone especially boohoo for leaving stretch marks visible on their models im LIVING FOR THIS pic.twitter.com/cbY5VveaKj

?‍♀️ (@xobananas) March 5, 2018

Growing up my stretch marks were my biggest insecurity. I tried every cream, oil & scrubbing technique but only one thing worked… accepting that they were mine & there for life⚡@boohoo You dont know how much this helps with acceptance ?????? #FridayFeeling pic.twitter.com/dGjScG8Lwr

— Farai Nicole (@MymillaUK) June 22, 2018

This isnt the first time a clothing store has been praised for channelling body positivity.



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Just a few weeks ago we wrote about how ASOS used a gorgeous model with her back rolls fully on display. They were also previously praised for refusing to edit out models stretch marks, much like Boohoo.

Heres hoping other brands follow suit so that so that we can show that every body is beautiful.

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