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The next big swimwear trend is upside-down bikini tops


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The next big swimwear trend is upside-down bikini tops

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Swimwear is increasingly not actually for swimming.

Those super high leg swimsuits? They look cool, but if you dive into the sea wearing one youll swim away with a wedgie and a yeast infection.

Teeny tiny thongs? Good luck splashing around without flashing your vag.

The next ridiculous swimwear trend is just as impractical: The upside-down bikini top.

Before you start faffing around with your swimsuit or googling stockists, let us explain what we mean by that.

You dont need to buy a bikini designed just for this purpose – any halterneck or string design that you can tie yourself will do the trick. You just take your halter straps and tie them in a knot on top of your boobs, separating the triangle portion to make sure it covers your nips.



Weirdly, you dont actually have to turn the bikini top upside-down, as one tutorial shows. It just looks upside-down thanks to the underboob cleavage youve created.

Theres no real support there, so, again, you really shouldnt swim in an upside down bikini unless you fancy stripping off entirely.

You also face the very real risk of your unsupported breasts falling right in the middle gap.

The trend appears to have started with Italian model Valentina Fradegrada, who debuted the look on her Instagram and then created a new page dedicated entirely to upside-down bikini wearing.

The trick was then picked up by Australian brand Cantik, who shared a photo of Valentina on their social media to promote a fresh way to wear their bikinis.

It sounds like a load of confusing faff, if were honest, but the people wearing the trend do look pretty incredible. We reckon they have magical gravity-defying bosoms, though, as ours wouldnt even stay put for a photo.

All in all, probably a look thats better to marvel at than to attempt yourself, unless you have the utmost confidence in your breasts refusing to run loose.

Take a look below for all the upside-down bikini inspo you need.

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