Home Fashion Why do we still not have enough bikini options for big boobs?

Why do we still not have enough bikini options for big boobs?


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Why do we still not have enough bikini options for big boobs?

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Recently, preparing for my holiday (which obviously meant getting rid of every trace of body hair), I went perusing around an indoor mall to find a bikini, specifically a bikini top.

After traipsing around the likes of Topshop, Zara, H&M, and New Look, I admitted defeat.

Even at the airport, I made one last-ditch attempt to find something at Accessorize to see if they could come through for me. After waiting for the assistant to search out back for ages, she came out empty-handed.

The issue?

My big boobs.

As someone with F cups, Ive been resigned to wearing one-pieces because high street brands refuse to acknowledge that women with bigger busts dont necessarily want to hide them away when theyre on the beach or by the pool.

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Those of us with bigger busts have learned to live with the crushing knowledge that well never find cutesy floral bras (which seem to only be available for sizes A-DD).



With summer officially underway, bikini-clad individuals are heading to the pool or beach, catching that all-important golden tan.

Its annoying to know that my tan will be swimming costume shaped.

As with shopping for normal bras, women with bigger busts cant just pop into a Victorias Secret and grab a chic two-piece that will fit them.

Three young women running in the water, at the beach

Why no triangle bras for big busts? (Picture: Getty)

One-piece swimming costumes are plenty but the swimwear Im looking for is the Love Island-esque halter necks, crotchet, and triangle tops. I want options.

Instead, Im met with padded, underwired, ill-fitting bras that are not conducive to a relaxing holiday or lounge session.

It also feels a little silly wearing it to a spa or hammam (Turkish baths where you lie on a slab as someone washes you – it feels better than it sounds, trust me). While its easier to slip out of a bikini for the nice lady giving you a wash, taking off a skintight one-piece costume is not fun.

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Kaftans and sarongs also look a million times better when coupled with a bikini top as opposed to a swimming costume, in my opinion.

As online is usually the place to find inclusive clothing, there are some decent choices out there. Sadly, the things Ive ordered online havent fit me well but Im told certain brands are better than others.



Although a little on the pricey side, Bare Necessities offers bikini tops up to size GG. Bravissimo also offers up to GG, Pour Moi offers up to F cups, Fig Leaves goes up to G, while Boux Avenue has a DD+ section.

One of these days, I might just be able to find the right, functional one that doesnt compromise on style.

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