Home Fashion Fancy a pair of super long extendo jeans for £379?

Fancy a pair of super long extendo jeans for £379?


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Fancy a pair of super long extendo jeans for £379?

Caption: (Picture: Bronze 56K)

Weve reached a strange point in fashion.

Jeans, once a humble everyday staple we could rely on, have become increasingly ridiculous as time marches on.

Weve seen jeans with windows at the knee, underbutt jeans, jeans spattered with mud.

And now, of course, someones made a pair of extra, extra, extra long jeans thatll drag behind you as you walk.

You know that trend of extra long sleeves hiding your hands? These are like that, but for your legs.

They have a 35″ waist and are 105″ long.

Oh, and they cost $500 (£379).

(Picture: Bronze 56K)

Caption: (Picture: Bronze 56K)

Unlike many other ridiculous fashion items, the Extendo Jeans do appear to be deliberately absurd. The creators of the monstrosity, Bronze 56 K, are definitely in on the joke, writing in the jeans description: What? Youll buy it!.

And the thing is, we truly believe that someone will.



Someone will be up for spending hundreds to take a funny pic for Twitter. Or an expert-stilts wearer will rejoice.

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Lets just hope Rihanna doesnt buy a pair, because – as we all know – its ugly until Rihanna wears it. We really cant deal with this becoming a full on trend… if only because wed trip over our hems at least twenty times a day.

In case the worst happens and super long jeans do become a thing, were lucky that Bronze 56K has offered some styling advice.

You can wear the jeans long and loose if you happen to be sitting atop a rock, but for everyday wear they recommend scrunching up the jeans above the ankle.

Much better, right?

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