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ETMarkets Special Weekend Podcast: Wheres the money in IPO mart


Hello! From ETMarkets.com, this is Saloni Goel with our Weekend Podcast.

Globally, Indian primary market recorded the highest IPO activity in the first half of this calendar, as some 90 IPOs raised a total of $3.9 billion.

As many as 15 of these issues that accounted for 93 per cent of total proceeds got listed on the mainline boards, while NSEs SME platform saw 42 listings and the Bombay SME platform 33 issues.

Most of these IPOs have been from the trading, textiles, engineering and consumer-facing sectors.

The second half of the calendar promises to be as exciting, if not more. A number of issues, including those of some big firms, are being lined up for listing in the near term.

We have Sunil Jain from Nirmal Bang Securities to share his insights on the primary market.

Mr Jain, how does the second half of the calendar looks like for the IPO mart?

Byte 1: Sunil Jain 1

We also have Amishi Kapadia, Senior President & Global Head, Merchant Banking, YES Securities to share her views. What is your take on it Ms Kapadia?

Byte 2: Amishi Kapadia 1

And whats in it for me? Because some of the recent issues have not really delivered big listing gains. Aint it? Over to you Mr Kapadia.

Byte 3: Amishi Kapadia 2

Okay. So how do I know which IPO can make money for me?

And what is your take on this Mr Jain?

Byte 4: Sunil Jain 2

Thats an interesting sneak peek into whats really cooking in the primary market and how to make money in it.

Thats it from me. Enjoy your weekend and do come back next weekend for something more refreshing. Bye bye

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