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The short short for men is coming back


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Clothing detail at the Prada show during Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 on June 17, 2018 in Milan, Italy.

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The short short is coming back. Were sorry/youre welcome.

With the summer heatwave continuing, and the male physique coming under more and more scrutiny (for better or worse), those who have worked at their physique want to show it off.

To be honest, anything that moves men on from those horrific knee-length chino shorts would be welcome.

Weve already been through the muscle-fit and skin-tight skinny crazes, where every muscle was outlined and now fashion is moving towards removing the layer of clothing all together.

Its around 25 years since the short short for men really was mainstream, which means the fashion influencers of today werent even born while Chris Waddle was missing a penalty in incredibly short shorts.

With the resurgence of athleisure, the blurry line of whats gymwear and whats just casualwear has given us a clear guideline of where long ends and short begins:

Caption: The return of short shorts for men rex

Weve had 20 years of longer shorts, and now were getting shorter (Picture: Rex)

Male running shorts come in three main lengths: 7”, 5” and 3”. Mo Farah and the distance runners youll see running quicker and further than you can will most likely be in the 3” shorts. Your whole leg is out.



Were always used to seeing the 7” (just above knee) but 5” (halfway down the thigh) is becoming the norm for people in the London gyms I frequent. Its starting to filter out on to the catwalks and into the street.

Shorter shorts feel new, especially in white, trend forecaster WGSN says.

Smarter and shorter shorts are important trends, but, as with trouser shapes, there is balance and choice – worth bearing in mind when it comes to planning new product trials.

This was seen on the catwalks with shows such as Prada, Katama and Fendi showing off a lot more leg than weve been used to over recent seasons. Feng Chen Wang went one further and put the models in hot pants.

MILAN, ITALY - JUNE 17: A model walks the runway at the Prada show during Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 on June 17, 2018 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

The Prada show during Milan Mens Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 showed a lot of leg (Picture: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images)

I dont think the local pub is quite ready for that sight (yet) and I got shouted at by a group of teenagers for going out in my boxer shorts when I was trialing shorter lengths.

But its moving that way and the street is starting to take notice of the shorter short.

Due to the sizzling hot temperature, global fashion streets played host to the shortest of shorts, WGSN says.

With the trend spilling out from the gym, men are going for either slim but toned legs or muscle-laden.

This is much like the 70s and 80s trend but things have changed to a mans advantage since then.



Loose underwear is slowly making way for short trunks so the risk of acute wardrobe malfunctions are less likely if you make the correct preparations.

That fear will never vanish completely but now we are at least managing the risk.

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Nobody wants the worst to happen.

Its unusual to think of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as a style icon (he has made some questionable choices) but it seems like his unusual free kick ritual to shorten his shorts could really mean hes on to something.

Seeing Harry Kane in England short shorts now might seem ridiculous but its not beyond the realm of possibility for things to be heading that way by the next World Cup.

And if its on ASOS already, it must be true, with 26 different shorter shorts on offer for men.

For the rest of this summer, itll be the fashionistas daring to wear shorter shorts.

Next summer, itll probably be a lot more of us.

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