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CHANGING PLACES LATAM: David Milan, Eugenio Raffo, Germán Damiano…


People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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David Milan will replace Christian Costaganna as sales director for Spain and Portugal for Nissan. Milan joined the japanese company in 2003 as brand manager.

AB InBev has appointed Eugenio Raffo as their new general manager. Eugenio has more than 10 years of experience in the company and previously worked in Argentina as marketing director for Quilmes.

Germán Damiano is the new CEO of Midea Carrier Argentina. Prior to this role, the executive held the roles of manager and marketing director.

Mariana Miranda has been named marketing manager at NCR Latinoamérica. The executive will be based in Brazil and will be responsible for the retail and finance strategies.

Oi has hired Flavia da Justa as their new marketing and communications director. In this role, Flavia will be responsible for the marketing and communications strategies of the company.


Laura Vaillard has been appointed marketing and communications director for Latin America by VU. Laura will lead all the marketing and communications strategies related to the products and services the company offers.

Ezequiel Eliano and Emanuel Garnica have joined the Mindshare Latam team led by Cynthia Recchi, head of analytics for Latin America. Ezequiel is a data scientist and Emanuel is an economist and political expert.

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