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The next big trend is wearing your jacket as a top


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Rihanna and Justin Bieber enjoy a night out at Tape nightclub in Mayfair. Rihanna wore a double denim outfit, with her cleavage showing, while Justin opted for an all white outfit. They left at 5am. At Rihanna's hotel, staff had built a tunnel to lead Rihanna from her car straight into the hotel without being photographed. However it appeared this was built with no permission from the council. Featuring: Rihanna Where: London, United Kingdom When: 20 Aug 2016 Credit: Will Alexander/WENN.com

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The jacket at a top trend certainly isnt new, and was arguably started by absolute queen and icon Rihanna, who was one of the first to rock the look back in 2016.

She was snapped paring a simple denim skirt with a Balenciaga denim jacket worn off the shoulder.

Models on the Balenciaga fall 2016 catwalk mimicked her style, with their coats only done up half way to expose plenty of shoulder and chest.

In September 2017, she styled a denim jacket as a top again, wearing an oversized offering Matthew Adams Dolan unbuttoned to mid-chest and a pair of thigh high denim boots.

Model Emily Ratajkowski emulated Rihanna in the same year, with another double denim combination where the jacket took the place of a shirt.

Fans on Instagram had mixed feelings, with one user commenting: How does that not fall down when youre walking round ? It defies the rules of gravity!

In 2018, the denim jacket as top trend is seeing a resurgence.



YouTuber Shani Grimmond uploaded a snap to Instagram where she wore a fluorescent peach version of the double denim combo with an off the shoulder jacket on holiday, and Spring Breakers actor Vanessa Hudgens also shared a picture of herself rocking the shoulder-baring trend.

Hudgens wore an open harness bra in gold underneath her denim jacket, but most of the stars showcasing the look dont have visible straps, meaning that theyre either wearing strapless bras or letting their boobs go free.

Denim Jackets, Vanessa Hudgens vanessahudgensGLAM for @danceonfox

The jewellery bra is goals. (Picture: Instagram/vanessahudgens)

Jackets as shirts have also been spotted on Victorias Secret model Sara Sampaio and singer Diamond White.

If youre feeling confident enough to rock the denim jacket as top trend, there are plenty of cropped denim jackets available on the high street, in classic denim washes and bold colours

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River Island is also selling a denim top that looks like a jacket, in case you want a ready-made version of the look.

Retailers like Boohoo are even styling their models in jackets only done up on the last button, with a bralette underneath.

The bralettes probably a good idea if youre going to be moving around and not just posing for a picture.

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