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If you ever wanted to look like a sleeping bag, Monclers new fashion line has you covered


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(Picture: Moncler)

High fashion can be uppity – we dont always get it.

Sometimes, we really, really dont get it.

Italian apparel brand Moncler and British designer Craig Green are both well-known names in the world of fashion.

Their collaboration, however, isnt the biggest hit to grace the catwalk.

The two brands have come together to launch a number of coats, vests, bags, and trousers for their new line, named Genius.

However, the looks were anything but.

Picture: Moncler We're not really sure what Craig Green's new fashion line is meant to be

(Picture: Moncler)

The Genius range comes in three different styles; pinstriped, black, and white.

Its packed with lightweight padded material, including matt nylon fabric and filled with cotton down.

Obviously, you dont want to look like a cold weather samurai without people knowing youre wearing serious designer styles so dont worry, the three-dimensional Moncler tag cant be missed.

A snazzy hood also covers most of your face, so at least people wont spot you wearing the exaggerated outfit.

People were left a little confused and naturally, they had a field day on social media about it.



Most said the outfits looked more like a bedspread, an air mattress, and even the Michelin man (you know, the one with the rolls).

In essence, people said it looked like a walking sleeping bag.

Though Monclers collaboration with Craig is set to launch on 22 August, people havent warmed to the idea.

But its not the first time the British designer has been mocked for his sartorial creations.

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When he presented his first collection as part of a Topman / Fashion East initiative, he was mocked by many for his unusual plank hat, including model and London Collections: Men ambassador, David Gandy.

Craigs new designs are even bolder than the last and with designer prices, they may still be a hit once released.

And on the bright side, youll always be comfy in this getup no matter what the weather.

Prices have not been released yet but look out on the website for more details soon.

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