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H&M is launching a Twin Peaks inspired collection for AW18


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H&M is launching a Twin Peaks-inspired collection for AW18

(Picture: H & M)

Think pussy bow blouses, utilitarian outerwear and heavy knits.

In September, H&M studios will be releasing their AW18 womenswear collection, inspired by the 90s cult TV series Twin Peaks.

Entitled Neo Noir Chic, the range will include silky statement items and well-cut, androgynous wardrobe classics.

Set in the sleepy logging town of Twin Peaks, the original show first aired in 1990 and followed FBI agent Dale Cooper as he investigated the murder of high school student Laura Palmer.

Just hanging out at the Double R Diner. (Picture: H&M)

The series combines classic crime drama elements with the supernatural and surreal dream sequences to create a unsettling vibe that has captured the imagination of audiences for nearly 30 years.

H&Ms new collection channels the aesthetic of Twin Peaks, with turtlenecks that wouldnt look out of place on Audrey Horne, Cooper-inspired trench coats and a gold, navy and cream colour palette that Donna Haywood would definitely approve of.



Theres even a printed scarf and T-shirt with an image of two cats on it that wouldnt look out of place in one of Agent Coopers bizarre dreams.

Angelica Grimborg, the Concept Designer for H&M Studio, told Metro.co.uk: For this season, many of the H&M Studio team were watching the original David Lynch Twin Peaks series and we were particularly inspired by the iconic looks of the female characters.

Were getting serious 80s power dressing vibes.
(Picture: H&M)

They dress with a certain kind of soft-focus nostalgia: the series is set in the late 80s and early 90s, but each look has its origins in a 50s aesthetic that brings to mind the wardrobes of 50s movie stars.

We wanted to do a contemporary take on a 50s look – something ultra-feminine but also borrowed from the boys.

The muted tones and boyish cuts contrast with ladylike pieces including a hot pink, slinky slip dress and pleated pink and orange sweater and skirt set.

Sturdy denims, jeans with turned up cuffs, cosy cropped knits and a warm navy peacoat will make the wearer feel like theyre in rural Washington (hopefully not while Killer Bob is on the loose).

Fire walk with me. (Picture: H&M)

Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&Ms Design Director, said: With H&M Studio, we love the play between the feminine and masculine and this year we added a 50s twist.

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There are ultra-feminine options combined with mannish details and super-classic pieces that invite you to create your own distinctive look.

The collection will be available to buy online and in selected stores from 6 September.

H&M Studio is a limited edition line, so key pieces may sell out quickly.

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