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People are making fun of PrettyLittleThing for selling a hi-vis jacket for £45


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Its certainly an eye-catching look.

Fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing is selling a hi-vis jacket, because everyone truly stylish secretly wants to look like theyre off to put up some scaffolding.

The jacket, priced at £45, has been met with derision on social media, with one person concluding that the brand must be having a laugh.

To be fair, you could wear it to a festival and pretend to be one of the stewards (until you get found out and probably ejected from the event).

PrettyLittleThing describe the coat as seriously cool on their website, and the garment description reads: We LOVE this statement jacket for festival season teamed over grey cycling shorts and add reflective boots to complete this eccentric look.

hahaha imagine bumping into a bricky on site like omg nice jacket mate whered you get that from?, oh this? pretty little thing geezer https://t.co/3KcSUu6agA

— jam (@JamieClay_) August 21, 2018

Less than impressed comments online include £45 to look like a builder? @OfficialPLT no thanks hun and what were they thinking, this is not a look.



Some are trolling the brand by sharing photos of themselves in functional hi-vis garments and asking who wore it better? and whether PrettyLittleThing would consider them as brand ambassadors.

A standard hi-vis jacket usually costs around £20, so the price tag for Pretty Little Things garment is raising some eyebrows.

Although some customers are adamant that the £45 hi-vis jacket is taking the festival flourescents trend too far, not everyones making fun of the coat.

Its already sold out in sizes small and medium on Pretty Little Things website, and at least 10 hi-vis jackets have been bought in the past 48 hours.

Why are all the locals beefing that @OfficialPLT hi vis jacket? Its cool Im gonna buy it

— si (@siahje) August 22, 2018

This isnt the first time that shoppers have been treated to weird and wonderful offerings from PrettyLittleThing.

The brand isnt averse to taking risks, with their risqué extreme nude mini-dress that features a thigh split that shows half the wearers bum, a camouflage and fishnet unitard, vinyl bikinis and all manner of sequin-heavy festival staples.

Whether youre a fan of PrettyLittleThings hi-vis jacket or you think its more appropriate for a building site, its definitely divided opinion and got people talking about the brand online.

All press is good press, right?

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