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The next hot Instagram trend is the bustie pose


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Okay, so youve mastered the baby giraffe and rely heavily on Barbie feet.

Are you ready for the next trendy Instagram pose all the cool kids are doing?

According to WhoWhatWear, the next big thing is the bustie pose.

Now, before you panic, this doesnt have anything to do with your bust. You dont need to swap all your T-shirts for something with a super low neckline.

No, a bustie refers to taking a photo next to a bust. You know, one of those marble or stone statues?

Its called a bustie because the pose requires you to pose with a bust as though its your bestie. Bust plus bestie equals bustie. Get it?

Its a simple look the master, because you dont have to tense your body into a strange position. All you need to do is find a statue and use it as a handy prop.



The bustie works for expert grammers and uncomfortable selfie-takers alike, as it gives you a prop to play off and something to do with your hands – while also making you look all cultured and well-travelled.

Take a look through influencers Instagrams and youll spot busties all over the place. Enjoy some inspiration below then get snapping.

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