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Boohoo is offering a meal deal sale- thats a whole outfit, with shoes and a bag for £30


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Fashion retailler Boohoo proved to be champion of the people when they delivered on requests for brands to have meal deal type offers.

The lunchtime option that us Brits are used to – whereby you can buy a main meal with sides and a drink for a discounted price – has been transferred to the wardrobe.

After Twitter users made the request for clothing companies to offer three things for a fixed price, Boohoo wanted to be the first to make it happen.

They are now offering a whole outfit; a dress/jumpsuit/playsuit, shoes, and a bag, all for a tidy price of £30.

Boohoo have created a “meal deal” for students which is an outfit including heels and a bag for £30. Love it.

— Kara Godfrey (@KaraWillow) October 5, 2018

The concept is simple – the customer selects a starter (shoes), main (dress, playsuit or jumpsuits) and dessert (bag) from the meal deal page and enters the code Mealdeal at checkout to redeem the discount, bagging themselves a full outfit for a bargain price.



If youre about to rush to the website right away then, youll have to hold your horses, because unfortunately, the offer is only available to students.

They also can get a further 10% off the deal with their usual student discount and next day Premier delivery if theyve authorised their academic emails with Boohoo.com.

If, like us, youre not a student then it might just be time for you to buddy up with a younger sibling, niece/nephew or cousin.

Why should they have all the nice things?

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Now that youve got a discounted offer for your buys, you could get the latest Paris Hilton line available at Boohoo.

Earlier we reported that the socialite is offering the most Paris Hilton style clothing on the online retail website.

She showed everyone that fashion is cyclical as she bought back hoops, bejewelled trackies, and lots of pink.

Thats hot.

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