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CHANGING PLACES LATAM: José Antonio Ortega Carrero, Montserrat Gázquez, Rabeea Ansari…


People change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.

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José Antonio Ortega Carrero has been named delegate advisor of Prisa Brand Solutions USA and executive VP of Prisa Noticias Latam.

Tastia Group has named Montserrat Gázquez marketing director. Montserrat will be responsible for designing and implementing a new marketing and communication plan for Tastia Group and its brands.

Rabeea Ansari is the new marketing VP of Club Med for South America. The executive has been working in marketing for 15 years, holding different roles in Brazil, India, and France.

Facebook has named a new head for Latin America. Maren Lau will replace Diego Dzodan and will lead the teams of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Miami.

Executive Owen Oliva has been named beverages director by Walmart Central America. Until now, he had been leading the regional activity of the strategic brands of the company which he joined in 2013.

Banco de Chile has named Serge de Oliveira as its new digital marketing manager. Prior to this, Serge was in charge of the online marketing department at Entel.

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